Integral office refurbishment

Maybe it’s time to rejuvenate your home. After two decades in the same place, it’s understandable that you still haven’t had the courage to undertake any renovations. But Proyect 10 can help you regain that lost luster, thanks to its team of home renovation experts. Make your home shine like the first day again!

Office building renovations: services and professionalism that make the difference

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Do you want to renew the image of your office and don’t know where to start? We have a team of experts who will advise you and help you create a global project of reforms, decoration and equipment, fully adapted to your needs and preferences.

We take care of everything, from the planning to the execution of the project, including the sophisticated and design furniture you need to achieve a comfortable, pleasant and functional environment. All with a modern and contemporary aesthetic that reflects your company’s image.

Whether you need to renovate your entire office or just a part of it, in Proyect 10 we have the solution you are looking for. With a personalized service and the utmost attention to detail, we guarantee the complete transformation of your space. Shall we talk?

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Our services

At Proyect 10, no matter where you live, we have expert technicians located throughout the country who can offer you the experience and skills you need for your renovations and rehabilitations. In addition, our wide variety of services will allow you to choose from multiple options to find the best solution for your needs. Some of our featured services include:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Housing
  • Factories
  • Studios
  • Apartments
  • Penthouses
  • Lofts
  • Houses
  • Villas
  • Commercial Premises
  • Offices
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Integral office refurbishment

At Proyect 10 we offer a wide variety of services to renovate your office and transform it into the space you have always wanted. Among the many options we offer, the following stand out:

  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Enclosures
  • Wiring
  • Kitchen
  • Dining rooms
  • Access control
  • Air conditioning
  • False ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Screens
  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Parquet
  • Decorative paint
  • Signs
  • Security
  • Access floors
  • Vinyl flooring

At Proyect 10 we understand that each client has unique needs and for this reason, we offer personalized budgets tailored to the specific needs of each client. Just as not all renovations are the same, neither are the desires and requirements of our customers.

Integral office refurbishment

Numerous studies reveal that worker efficiency is closely linked to the workspace.

At Proyect 10 we are committed to a modern, renewed and sustainable design to maximize the performance and productivity of the office staff. It is essential that employees have a work environment that provides them with tranquility, comfort, safety and style, as well as functionality and versatility to be able to perform their daily functions satisfactorily. Therefore, it is extremely important that the integral reforms of offices are carried out with professionalism, seriousness, simplicity and commitment.

In our company, we know how important it is to work with comfortable furniture that ensures the well-being and health of employees. Therefore, our designers and interior designers are available to advise you on the best ergonomic furniture options. Providing employees with well-maintained workspaces is essential for their well-being and to increase productivity and work performance.

At Proyect 10 we will be happy to help you create the ideal work environment for your employees and for you.

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