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We transform your home or business into a modern and functional space. Our integral reform services provide you with the comfort and efficiency you need for the future, let us help you create the environment of your dreams!

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Are you considering an integral reform for your home or business and looking for the best value for money in the market?

If this is your case, surely you have explored the many options offered by the Internet to select and hire a company of reforms and rehabilitation of real estate of all kinds.

Request your personalized quote now and let us transform your home into the space of your dreams!

Are you looking for the best offers and services for integral reforms in Spain? Look no further than Project10! We take care to listen to your ideas and offer you a personalized quote without obligation, so you can enjoy the reform you’ve always wanted. What are you waiting for to tell us about your project?


Proyect 10 offers a variety of services for the integral reform and rehabilitation of buildings for both individuals and companies, with specialists in various types of work related to this area:

  • Architecture
  • Masonry
  • Insulation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plastering
  • Exctractors
  • Hoods
  • Plumbing
  • Floating floors
  • Lighting
  • Waterproofing
  • Bathroom furniture

Our services range from construction to refurbishment, maintenance and installation of systems. We offer specific solutions for stores and commercial spaces, and we always use advanced and innovative techniques and tools. In our company we make sure to be at the forefront of the market, to bring you the best in quality and efficiency.

Minimalist kitchen

We specialize in integral reforms with a high attention to detail and a completely professional approach.

Kitchen decorated in white tones and wood details

In Proyect10 every detail is important because we know that an impeccable finish is essential to obtain an outstanding result. Therefore, we make sure to use the most appropriate materials in each type of integral reform, and our budgets detail the products and their prices so that you have full awareness of the costs and expenses throughout the project.

Tell us your needs and we will give you a tailor-made estimate. In addition, thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we can offer you materials of leading brands, both national and international, at very attractive prices. Thermal insulation, ceramics, paints, building materials, electrical material… everything you need to make your renovation a success. We work with the best brands in the market, both national and international, which allows us to take care of every detail in our renovations and integral projects.

Let us do your reform and get a spectacular result that reflects your personal style in every corner.

In Project10 we provide comprehensive solutions for any renovation project, offering specialized advice from the beginning to the end of the process. We have 25 years of experience in the sector and a wide variety of works completed with excellent results, which allows us to adapt to any budget. Our specialists can help you achieve the highest quality and the best finishes without exceeding your budget, so you can make your dreams come true without worries. In addition, we offer the option of financing your work for your convenience.

At Proyect10 we make sure that no detail is left uncovered, that’s why our team of professionals is absolutely committed to each of our jobs through their enthusiasm, dedication, care, effort, neatness, attention, proactive attitude and eagerness.

Let us take care of everything and simply enjoy the best results in the market.

Proyect10 professionals work with five key principles:

Use of high quality materials for all integral reforms, maintaining the utmost professionalism during the process, offering guarantees of the work, technical supervision throughout the project to ensure compliance with quality standards and commitment to deliver the project on time. All our collaborating companies are registered in the REA and covered by a civil liability insurance.

With Proyect10, forget about any worries and let the experts take care of all the details. Share with us your ideas and let our professionals create a customized renovation project that meets all your expectations.

Our team of highly qualified professionals from all over Spain values commitment, trust, transparency, efficiency, reliability, seriousness, responsibility and experience.

In Proyect10, we know that the price of integral reforms can be a concern for both individuals and companies. That is why we are committed to always offer you the best value for money in every project we undertake. We will adjust to your needs and we guarantee that we will never spend more than what you have established. In addition, we will work with the amount you can invest to make your renovation a success with the best finishes and without sacrificing the quality you deserve.

If you need to finance your project, you’ve come to the right place. We offer completely customized financing plans, so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can prepare one tailored to your needs.

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Do you need to change the layout of your office?
No matter what you need, we will be happy to help you make your ideas a reality.

We look forward to working with you in your next integral reform project.

Thank you for trusting Proyect10!

Our company, Proyect10, has more than 25 years of experience in the world of integral reforms, both for individuals and companies.

We specialize in architecture and design, and we have our own team and in collaboration with more than 500 specialists in the development of reforms and rehabilitations for all types of properties, from private homes to hotels and industrial buildings.

In addition, we have the advantage of having a great geographical diversification thanks to our more than 50 carefully selected collaborators in each province, which allows us to have a presence in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, and consolidate us as one of the best companies of integral reforms throughout the national territory.

In our commitment to excellence, we only work with partners who demonstrate a long professional trajectory and above average work quality results. In short, in Proyect10 we only work with those who share our vision of maximum quality and commitment in each project.

Both the homeowner and the construction company have civil responsibility for the works that are carried out in an integral reform. Therefore, in Proyect10 we make sure to comply with all relevant laws in any province of Spain.

From the correct registration of our centers in the Register of Authorized Companies in the construction sector to the presentation of the TC1s and TC2s of all our workers to ensure that we only work with qualified workers and registered with the social security. In addition, we have a civil liability insurance and follow an occupational risk prevention plan to ensure that our employees are not harmed during the performance of their work.

We take care of processing all the necessary permits and licenses to carry out the integral reform of your property, whether you are an individual or a company. In addition, we look for any subsidy or state aid available during the execution of the work to save the maximum budget for our clients.

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In our company, we strive to offer personalized attention and understand the needs of our clients. We are deeply committed to your construction or renovation project and we work to offer the most appropriate solutions to carry it out successfully.

Our clear objective is to avoid customer inconvenience, meet delivery deadlines and satisfy expectations. For this reason, we take care of everything.

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